Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Public Option Comeback

Watching the healthcare debate has confirmed my beliefs on Obama and the long-range, actually now the short-range, plans of he and his co-horts.

People who think Obama is a pastsy, that he is fumbling along, being led, or that he doesn't have a plan are so, so wrong. Obama and crew are nudging that, nipping at this, tipping the edge of that, moving us drip by drab to another form of government. Whether you want to call it socialism or some hybrid version they've concocted, it's coming. They are working their plan and it's working. They understand there will be temporary setbacks, sometimes the unexpected, but they see their version of light on the horizon and nothing seems to be able to stop them.

I think the Tea Party movement (go friends!!!), Glenn Beck, Fox News, other movements across the states are causing them some consternation. However, if we don't pull all these individual pieces together, we won't be strong enough to combat those who now control the purse strings, and the strings that loosely keep our country on the side of freedom.

Those who think we'll turn it around in 2010 may, unfortunately, be sadly mistaken. By the time the next election rolls around our short-sited fellow voters will be back in love with Obama and his team AND/OR they'll have pushed and cajoled and forced enough voters over to the dependent on the government side of voting that those of us who work for a living, those of us who believe in earning our worth, those willing to take a stand, will be in the minority.

And what happens if we do get enough Republicans or strong Independents into the ranks of Congress to slow Obama down? By the time 2012 rolls around the press will have painted those fighting for our country as "obstructionists". Those strong Republicans and Independents and very strong Democrats who vote with them will become the enemy, the wrong-thinkers, the foil, the excuse for Obama's inability to cram his version of "change" down our throats.

The only hope we have is to come out in force in 2010 and sweep the board. It's doubtful as everyone seems to think their guy is OK, it's the rest of them that need to go... which means not enough go.

We have to fight to wake up even more people in the country. We have to strive to get everyone who values freedom to register to vote if they haven't, to vote if they have. We need to join up with our closest Tea Party patriots and get involved. We have to give it our all.

The current fight for healthcare "change" is nothing more than a move to get more people dependent on the government. It has nothing in the world to do with caring about people's health, the cost of healthcare, etc. The purpose is to get rid of capitalism, get rid of competition and control more of our lives.

Do your part to try and stop it. The lines to the White House, to the individual congressional offices are tied up with calls. It's time to go visit your Congressman, send a letter, write to the local newspapers, do something different (but peaceful and respectfully).

The Public Option Comeback
The secret to its budget 'savings'? Medicare price controls.

Sounding taken aback himself, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus recently declared that the public option is "alive." A better term might be undead: This new government-run health insurance program akin to Medicare for the middle class continues to stagger forward, zombie-like, despite what were thought to be fatal blasts earlier this fall from Senate centrists and the House Blue Dogs—that is, from Mr. Baucus's fellow Democrats.


The public option's renewed momentum is mostly the product of the raw ideological willfulness of the progressive left. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, they're not about to let a once-in-a-generation opportunity pass without a fight, and they view the public option as a down payment on single-payer health care. They're right to think so; a public option will quickly blow up the private insurance market.

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