Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Joe Biden in Cincinnati on Afghanistan

Fox News aired Joe Biden's speech this morning in Cincinnati. I listened to part of it and would have listened to all of it, but I do have to work!

I'll see if I can find a transcript to share, but I imagine you'll go to sleep long before finishing it! It was way to long for anyone but a die-hard political wonk, probably because he's not the most entertaining speaker when he's "contained"!

While I listened he was talking about Afghanistan. He slammed John McCain and talked about how we should have been focusing on Afghanistan, etc., etc. Same old, same old, packaged in some new wrapping paper I haven't heard before.

In the past few days I've heard and read some rumblings from former CIA and others about an "October surprise" by terrorists. Probably because that possibility has been slithering around my mind, it seemed to me that Biden was setting the table for just such an action.

I'm NOT saying he was encouraging it by any means. What I mean is he was setting the table for Barack Obama to be able to say "I told you so" if it happened. Something along the lines of, "If we'd listened to Obama's in his great wisdom we would have been focusing on Afghanistan and the true culprits rather than wandering in the Iraq wilderness."

I certainly hope and pray we don't experience another attack. If we are attacked, God forbid, then I hope the American people have the intelligence to put someone like John McCain in office to handle the future. In this political war there's enough on both sides of the aisle which makes it easy in hind-sight to point a finger of blame.

I'd guess that if we'd focused on Afghanistan then Iraq would be where they were holed up. I also believe if it were possible to ferret out all the terrorists we'd be doing it full speed. We're doing pretty darn good considering how the President has been hampered by Democrats who simply don't want him to win at anything.

Backtracking to the original thoughts that led me to write a blog, I had to wonder as I listened to Joe Biden whether he had access to some intelligence that indicated an attack was a strong probability. Call me paranoid, call me crazy, but the thought did keep surfacing as I took my break and listened to Biden.

I'm curious to see if John McCain is going to come out with some similar talking points.

I haven't found a transcript of Biden's speech yet, but here's a few stories about the talk:

Biden Links Future Terrorism to McCain’s Failures
By Ari Melber 9/24/08 11:43 AM
Sen. Barack Obama has only one event today, a rally in Dunedin, Florida, and the rest of his schedule is cleared for debate prep. His campaign, however, is not taking a day off from general election combat. Today Sen. Joe Biden is thrashing Republicans in a Cincinnati national security address.
With the first debate on foreign policy set for Friday, Biden is framing his side’s security argument. Leaning into the buzz saw of terror politics, Biden says another terror attack in the U.S. will be exported from a region where “Bush/McCain” security policy failed:

Biden says McCain often wrong on national security
By DAN SEWELL – 58 minutes ago
CINCINNATI (AP) — Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday questioned John McCain's judgment to be commander in chief, arguing that the Republican presidential candidate would keep digging the United States into a hole of isolation and insecurity.
"Our country is less secure and more isolated than it has been at any time in recent history," Biden said in a speech to supporters. "This administration has dug America into a very deep hole around the world at a time our leadership is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

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