Sunday, September 21, 2008

More on Obama ditching Biden for Hillary

JEM left a comment on my prior post and mentioned Obama's ego not being able to take having Hillary on the ticket. Great thought and probably right on the money. It struck me when thinking about it further that chances are Obama is scared to have her on the ticket, too. She would run circles around him and undermine him every chance she was given. He'd have an ulcer before he was officially sworn in! I've heard, and who knows how much of what we hear way down here on the outer rungs is accurate, that Obama's wife steams whenever she hears Hillary's name. Obama would be surrounded by strong women and his life would be miserable!!!

I find it funny on some level that so much of what Hillary said about Obama is TRUE! She put a lot of information out there and for whatever reason the Dems chose to follow Obama. It gives some credence to the theory that things are pre-ordained in the political arena by the movers and shakers behind the scene.

Our VP candidate has ten times the experience as their primary candidate!

It would shake things up if Obama got desperate enough to pull in Hillary and would say a lot about his strength (weakness) as a leader. I'd be all over him on his judgement! He had the opportunity to have Hillary on the ticket and he chose to ignore millions of votes for personal reasons and sensibilities, or maybe just because his wife was jealous of her pretty (gag) pant suits.

In the past many of our Presidents have chosen Vice Presidents they didn't like simply because it would help to get them elected. Either JEM is right and Obama has an ego that wouldn't allow him to give partial credit to someone else for his win or he is dumb. Or maybe both.

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