Friday, September 26, 2008

Obamatactics NOT working...

As this financial fiasco is unfolding Obama is looking more and more like a selfish little child who doesn't understand how the adults work on the big issues.

His bully-boy friends are going on television trying to stand up for their leader but it is failing.

Americans want decisive action and they want someone who's willing to stand up for us and fight. We want a leader.

Obama looks like a politician. He looks scared when he's talking about this issue and I think it's because he knows he took the wrong tact on it. He couldn't get his ego out of the way long enough to realize he would have looked stronger to follow on this issue and get his butt to Washington without having to be summoned.

I heard one of his bully-boy supporters whining yesterday that John McCain really hadn't suspended his campaign because some commercials were still running and that mean old Sarah Palin was still campaigning. John McCain lied he said.

McCain pulled all of his ads that could be pulled and I understand there were two, yes two whole ads in the entire country, that couldn't be pulled.

All of a sudden Sarah Palin going to an event is something the Obama campaign wants to acknowledge? Now she matters when they think they need her to prove a point.

News flash, Sarah Palin isn't a Senator and she's not John McCain. John McCain suspended his campaign not her campaign. Yes, she's part of his campaign, but she had events and interviews scheduled and she is not an integral part (yet!) of what's going on in Washington.

Wouldn't that be something if Sarah Palin flew to Washington and sweet talked everyone into an agreement? I'd love to hear her talk about what should be done. I bet she'd have some common sense thoughts on this debacle.

McCain is back up in the polls because he has shown true leadership and has shown that the American people are truly more important than even his own personal campaigning. He's willing to put it all on the line for us and despite the image Obamatactites are trying to promote, the American people know he's being sincere and real.

Obamatactics -50
John McCain +100

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