Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ACORN Commercial Paid for by YOU

ACORN is now spending $50,000 to air an ad attacking John McCain and the Republican Party. This from a group that is supposed to be "non-partisan". They are using OUR tax dollars to fund a political ad. How can they legally do this? Shouldn't all funding be pulled? Can you imagine what would happen if any agency receiving money from the government put out an ad attacking Democrats?

The commercial is clearly a rip and about as stupid an accusation as you can make. It might have flown 20 years ago, but only idiots believe the Republican Party is out there trying to suppress the black vote or the Hispanic vote. My gosh, the Party bends over backwards to try and attract black and Hispanics into the conservative fold.

The only votes that the Republican Party has tried to suppress are the illegal votes propagated by ACORN, Project Vote and similar groups that want to steal the election for Obama. It's not just Obama who's going to benefit from this one, it's the numerous House and Senate seats that are currently contested.

Get your friends and neighbors and go vote!!! Don't let the Democrats steal the election on Tuesday (if they haven't already). If the so-called "silent majority" gets out to vote on Tuesday we'll become a vocal majority and win.

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