Friday, October 31, 2008

Hollywoodification of Politics

I had one of those uh-duh moments this morning while making breakfast and listening to Fox News. I can't remember exactly what triggered it, or who was speaking, but someone said "Hollywood" and little light bulbs started pinging in my whittle ol' brain.

Obama's Hollywood friends and supporters are packaging him to be a star. Check out his swagger, Frank Sinatra. Check out the photos of him with the cigarette in his mouth, James Dean. Everything is scripted, right down to the clothes, the look, the mannerisms.

He is a movie star, not a presidential candidate.

People are swooning and following him just like they follow the American Idols, sports stars, movie stars, and others. They could give a flying flip what he says, they're voting for the package.

I know none of my thoughts are new and that if I did a search I'd find that this is old news, old well-worn thoughts I'm trampling on, but I've been so focused on supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin that I haven't put much thought into Barack Obama's "mystique".

Just like a Hollywood actor playing a role, we have no clue who he really is behind the words. Strip away the facade and look at the core and we find he's nothing but a salesman pitching false promises.

Who is behind all the rhetoric? What little I know tells me this country is in for big trouble if we end up with him as President.

I pray that America is not getting ready to toss the greatest Democracy away based on empty promises.

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