Saturday, October 4, 2008

Demtactics and Chicken-Little

Last night at a dinner meeting a group of us were talking politics, President Bush and the economy. All of us had high concerns regarding the future of our country.

One gentleman noted he had just gotten back from another business trip that took him around the world. He said it amazed him how it seemed everywhere he went that George W. Bush was blamed for everything bad that happened in the world.

He talked about the prevalence of his bad image and recounted a number of short stories to highlight how the President was vilified.

It struck me later as I thought back on the conversation how well the Democrats have done their job.

We all know that George W. Bush is not the person the press and the Left paint him to be. They have a hatred that has been stoked by those who steer the Democratic Party. The absolute disdain is so deep and personal it astounds me.

What the Democrats have done with their Demtactics is despicable. Not just to George W. Bush, but to the image of our country. They talk about repairing the image of the country in the world when they have been instrumental in causing the image.

The press is complicit.

I am beginning to believe there is a big, long-term plan in play and we who sit in our homes going about our daily lives are allowing it to happen.

If you think back through history when regime changes happened, when countries became communist or fell to dictators, the masses were ignorant. They got up in the morning, sent their kids off to school, went to work, cleaned house, went to church and lived their lives. In many cases they didn't vote or weren't involved in their country or community.

Today we have the television to act as an opiate. Many couldn't tell you who their elected officials were or what their local county commission did at the last meeting. They are more concerned about who wins on American Idol than they are about who could be the next President.

These past few weeks the Democrats have taken us ever closer toward being a socialist country. They pandered to the Republicans and they pandered to us, and they painted their pictures of the economy so we'd swallow it whole.

We are making some huge mistakes and the mistake is going to be compounded if we elect Barack Obama.

Last night one of those at dinner said they thought the Republicans were getting ready to be out of power for roughly ten years but then the country would see how horrible things were and we'd swing back to the Republicans. I commented that in ten years if the Democrats had the Presidency and Congress, there wouldn't be any Republicans and there wouldn't be a country as we know it now. Surprisingly, given the diversity of those at the table, everyone agreed. Scary that we see it coming and yet we seem to be so helpless to stop it.

I was going to stop there, but it struck me that maybe some might question why the Republicans might not see it or might not be reacting to stop it if my scenario is really happening. I think some are aware. I think some are simply power hungry. I think some are just like many of us, live for today, take care of today because the problems too big. I think that some aren't capable of seeing the problem because they're fine, decent people who can't believe there are cold, calculating people who'd toss them in the fire to further their own struggle for power. I think sometimes when you're in the middle of something you can't see the big picture.

I don't really know anything, I'm way too far down the totem pole to be able to do anything other than try and make sense of all the pieces.

I firmly believe we're in for bad times, and I'm not just talking about the financial picture. I think we have been steered like cattle to this moment and the slaughter house is right around the corner. I hope the American people will slow the stampede to the end down by voting for McCain-Palin but even if we do rise up out of our easy chairs to vote, I'm concerned ACORN and the stealing of votes will negate our impact on November 4th.

Well, now I'm thoroughly depressed and I'm sure if you've read this far that you might feel the same (either that or you think I'm off my rocker ;-)!

I'm going to go do something positive and stop thinking about the end of the world.

Chicken-Little (hopefully)

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